Laboratory Pali

Passion for quality since 1919

A new concept of baby furniture, a new way to think about a newborn’s environment, yet still the same care and passion
we’ve been dedicating to your little ones for a century.
Here is LAB 1919, the latest collection of children’s furnishings designed by Pali to meet the expectations of nowadays
most demanding parents, those who appreciate the value of authentic modern style, made of clean, minimal lines and well balanced shapes.All the cots in the LAB 1919 range are entirely made up of solid beechwood or beech plywood and feature a
distinctively contemporary look, a timeless design with roots that span four generations of truly Italian craftsmanship.

Once not in use as a cradle any longer, LAB 03 can convert into a pair of armchairs (see page 7): just detach the cradle’s semi-round components to get 2 elegant tub chairs that will add style to your baby’s room. As an alternative, you can choose to extend the cradle’s usage further, and turn it into a standard cot (see right), by the purchase of an optional conversion kit (including 2 adjustable sides, a custom-made oval mattress and an additional mattress base panel).
Once converted into a cot, LAB 03 can be further transformed into a little sofa, by simply removing one of its 2 sides. (To ensure maximum strength of the overall structure, the unused cot side must be secured to the proper slots located underneath the mattress base).