A history that is almost a century long, during which four generations of our family have given life and development to our company. From the artisan production systems, where everything was done by hand, we have moved on to the most modern technologies. Always attentive to the indications that the markets around the world express, today the company has become an important reference point as a manufacturer of furniture for children.

The innovative capacity, our desire to always offer quality products, cared for in detail and made to last over time are certainly a family feature. If everything has changed in production, in requests, in models, in tastes, one thing remains: the love for the well-made product, even today as if it were made piece by piece.

“Essential but strong style, simple and modern lines.”

Fusions between woods and lacquered shades, the evolution of design is at the service of the child. Quality, innovation and elegance are the characteristics that have always distinguished us. Today Pali offers a wide range of furnishings for early childhood, bedrooms complete with accessories, coordinated textiles and furnishing accessories. Our philosophy is simple: to be a part of every child’s life, taking care of his sleep with furniture inimitable style for safety and refinement, thus making your little room a safe and pleasant nest. Our secret is to create perfectly and look to the future, keeping the taste for tradition and love for handmade things. Even today, after many years of experience, our products always give us emotions.