Wow safety gate

Slam and Wow are the new safety gates designed to protect your child from in-house dangers, thanks to their strong and secure structure. They can be easily installed on either doors or stairs openings with no need to drill holes, by means
of sturdy pressure fittings.


WOW is entirely made of all-white
painted metal.
Technical features (common to both models):
• Double action release latch, easy to operate with one hand
• Auto-close mechanism (door automatically shuts and locks from any position)
• Door opens both ways
• Fits openings from 75 cm. wide (reaching up to 82 cm. when screw fittings are
set at their maximum width)
• Basic extension (7 cm. wide) included
Suitable for children aging up to 24 months.
Compliant with the standard EN 1930:2011

Accessories sold separately


Following combinations can be obtained when assembling the safety gate with its optional extensions
(cm. 14 and cm. 28).