Mattress Deocell

The outer lining is made of certified Deocell® fabric, an innovative material that allows to neutralize the most common ammonia-based odors, such as sweat or urine. In particular, when Deocell®-treated fibre comes in contact with such substances, it reacts with the ammonia contained within them by converting it into inodorous compounds.
More generally, the Deocell® lining is resistant and breathable – allowing
good moisture dispersion -, it helps to prevent bacteria growth and
offers a pleasant, soft touch as it is in turn composed of a blend of
cotton and lyocell fibres (a cellulosic yarn extracted from wood pulp). A
3D mesh fabric insert is also integrated along the mattress perimeter,
to allow increased airflow.

The mattress inside core is made from a Fiberform sheet (2200 gr. polyester fibre), a highly breathable material that allows air to circulate frequently, for ideal moisture dispersion. At the same time, the fibre rigidity ensures a correct posture of your baby’s spine.