Mattress Biogreenfirst

The outer lining has been developed to provide effective protection from dust mites, by using Greenfirst®, an innovative fabric treatment based on Lemon, Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils extracts. Such a totally natural formulation doesn’t comprise any chemical active ingredients: in fact, the primary active substance of Greenfirst® is Geraniol, a vegetable extract that has been assessed as non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and eco-friendly, according to the most distinguished organizations and independent certifying bodies.

The mattress core comprises 3 different materials: rubberized coir, Waterlily and viscoelastic foam. Rubberized coir is a mixture of coconut fibres bonded together with natural latex: an eco-friendly material that provides good breathability, while ensuring adequate stiffness and support. Waterlily is a new kind of water-blown polyurethane foam, made up of tiny connecting cells that allow air to circulate freely: its breathability allows to disperse heat and humidity while keeping an ideal temperature, which prevents mites from proliferating and, consequently, allergies. Moreover, such a particular structure gives Waterlily excellent elasticity that provides firm support while embracing different areas of the body.
Viscoelastic foam is a self-modelling material which perfectly adapts to the child’s profile according to heat emitted by the body. Once molded to the child’s profile, Viscoelastic foam then holds that shape as long as the mattress is in use, so to distribute the body weight evenly and relieve pressure points: perfect rest as well as correct posture of the baby’s spine are thus ensured.